23 Blast Opening Weekend!

It is the opening weekend of 23 Blast and it is the perfect time to take your family to the movies! 23 Blast is the movie inspired by the life of Travis Freeman, an up and coming high school football star in his hometown. When accident strikes and Travis finds himself no longer able to see, he must learn to cope and function in a town that never had a blind individual. Travis finds himself missing the game he was born and raised to play, and his coach believes that he will be able to play again. Join the story as Travis learns to accept his life changes and how to function and learns that vision also comes from within.

Your family will be inspired by the life of Travis as he works to overcome obstacles to do what others thought was impossible. This is a must see movie for everyone! A great movie for all ages, and it is not just a story for football fans. This movie is not the cheesy Christian movie everyone has come to expect from the Christian market with an amazing cast and a marvelous production team this movie appears to be a big-budget film. 23 Blast has added to the the growing fan base and raised the bar for future Christian films. Do not be deterred by the PG-13 rating, the movie only received this rating for one scene involving underage drinking. Make plans now to see 23 Blast!



Deceived By: Irene Hannon

Irene Hannon has crafted a story that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat. Deceived, book 3 in the Private Justice book is the latest from Hannon and she has not disappointed. Hannon has created some amazing characters and has brought back some that we are familiar with in the latest story.

Kate lost her husband and son on one horrible day. Three years later she has relocated to a new city, has a new job and is moving on with her life, however, one stop at the mall changes everything when she sees a little boy that looks just like her son that she believed to be dead. She can’t get over the feeling that the little boy is her little boy. Kate decides to hire a private investigator to find the truth, but the closer she comes to the truth the closer she comes to danger and the possibility that her husbands death was not an accident.

If you are a fan of suspense Irene Hannon is the author for you, her books are full of depth, the stories are not repetitive and her characters have a depth that will keep you connected to the story.

I received this book complimentary from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Destined for Doon By: Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Destined for Doon By: Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

For those that loves the story and idea of Brigadoon, and even for those who don’t the latest book from Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon will not disappoint! Destined for Doon will transport you back to the land of Doon, into another time and a world you have not seen before.

In book 2, Kenna heads back to Doon to help her best friend figure out what is attacking Doon and destroying its borders, and as the threat grows the possibility of it entering the modern world grows with it.

Destined for Doon is a must add to your reading list! Full of fantasy and charm you will love this adorable story from beginning to end. I cannot wait to read the next one!


I received this book complimentary through the BookLook Blogger program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Nowhere to Turn By: Lynette Eason

Nowhere to Turn By: Lynette Eason

Lynette Eason is an amazing suspense writer! She always has books that are full of twists and turns. Her latest book is no exception. Dani has been living with her son and abusive FBI husband for years, and finally finds the courage to leave him and run. However, that same day her husband is killed, but little does Dani know that her husband left behind some enemies and even without him there she is still on the run for her life.

I enjoyed this book, and stayed in the story from beginning to end; however, it is probably one of my least favorite from Eason. Many lines through the book were repetitive and gave away parts of the plot to easily and the ending came out of left field so much so that it left the reader feeling like it did not make sense. Things that were said in the book that other characters couldn’t believe they figured it out were things that would of been basic to a cop. The plot was repetitive and the characters not as developed as I would have liked.

If this was your first Eason book I encourage you to read some of her others which I found a lot better.


I received this book complimentary from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Nashville Sweetheart By: Rachel Hauck

Nashville Sweetheart By: Rachel Hauck

Book Description

“What do you do when the past you’ve been dodging shows up at your door with cameras rolling?

Aubrey James ruled the charts as the queen of country for over a decade. She’d rocketed to fame in the shadow of her parents’ death—both of them pioneers in gospel music. But while her public life—high-profile romances and fights with Music Row execs—made for juicy tabloid headlines, the real and private Aubrey has remained a media mystery.

When a former band member betrays Aubrey’s trust and sells an “exclusive” to a tabloid, the star knows she must go public with her story. But Aubrey’s private world is rocked when the Inside NashVegas interviewer is someone from her past—someone she’d hoped to forget.”


Book Review:

Rachel Hauck has been one of those authors with books hanging out on my TBR pile and yet I never get around to it. After reading Nashville Sweetheart they have been moved to the top of my list!  Nashville Sweetheart follows the story of Aubrey James and the trials she has to tackle being in the spotlight. This book is a reminder about finding who you are and that sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself. This is a fun read that you will enjoy from start to finish. This book is sure to make you a Rachel Hauck fan is you weren’t one previously.


I received this book complimentary through the BookLook Blogger program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


When I Fall in Love By: Susan May Warren

When I Fall in Love By: Susan May Warren

I have always been a fan of Susan May Warren, not only a fan of her writing but the Christensen Family novels are some of my favorites. When I Fall in Love will not disappoint longtime fans or those new to the books. Warren has a fantastic way of telling a story that completely captivates you. Her characters have a depth that isn’t often found in books.

The store of Grace and Max is one that you will enjoy and also remind you that sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone, face your fears and let go and follow God. This book will remind you that many times we are the largest obstacles that get in the way of the dreams that God has planned for us.

Follow the story of Grace as she faces her fears and leaves the comfort and safety of her home to follow the dreams that she always had. Join Max as he struggles with a decision he thought he had made years previous and realizes that sometimes God’s plans are bigger and better.

This is a book and a series that you will want to add to your collection. I cannot express how much I enjoy Susan May Warrens writing and how much I connected with Grace and was able to get out of this book.


I received this book complimentary from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I’ve never been a huge fan of make up and beauty supplies, well let me correct that I love the products just don’t like the time it takes to do all the prep work. Overall I’m pretty laid back and often choose comfort over style and make up but this is one of those products that is a must. 

I’ve been using Aveeno Positively Radiant and absolutely love it! The texture is  silky smooth and after each use makes you feel clean and fresh rather than greasy. Not only have I noticed the changes in my skin but many friends have made comments on how my skin looks. This is a product to s=check out and I will be investing in it in the future.


I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

Persecuted By Robin Parrish

Persecuted By Robin Parrish

Based on a Daniel Lusko Film


Persecuted is the novelization of the movie by the same name that will be released in theaters July 18, 2014. Many times I am wary of books that are written based off a movie because of how much ends up missing and a large amount of disconnect within the books.

Persecuted has proved this wrong. This book will keep you turning the page until the very end. With twists and turns you don’t know where this story will lead, but it will remind you about standing on your convictions and standing up for what you believe in will not always be easy.

You will not want to miss this book, if you love action and twists and turns in a well written story this is the book for you.

Also, make sure to check out the movie when it opens in your town!


I received this book complimentary through Fly By Promotions in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




Learning to live beyond the Iphone Screen

It’s been a bit since I have really posted, summer comes and life gets busy. The church I attend and love has a huge mission and heart for the next generation and part of that calling comes in the form of summer camp. 5 beautifully crazy weeks of hosting Youth America camp on the main church campus. Camp season is a huge deal for us, people rearrange schedules, take vacation days, lose numerous hours of sleep to be able to serve. Members from across 5 campuses find ways to help out from security, media, worship, food prep, taking out the trash, no job is too small when it comes to camp and everyone takes part because they believe in seeing lives changed.

Most of the time during our evening camp services I hang out in the media booth, either because I am serving in some capacity or because I really enjoy watching the evening from the media booth. The past few nights I’ve found myself reaching for my phone to capture moments of the evening, and later on scrolling threw pictures to find just the right one to post in hopes that it receives a handful of likes. I’ve looked out over the crowd and see others doing the same thing (we have a hashtag, the pictures are easy to stalk)


I’ve realized though that while I spend time attempting to get a decent picture, waiting for the lights to move the right way (I’ve spent many hours in lighting booths, it’s a habit) but while I click away trying to capture these moments frozen in time, what is happening is that I am actually missing that moment. I’ve tuned out of the music, out of the worship, out of the message, to waste time posting images to social media or capture images to look back on.

How many times do we do this? Instead of enjoying where we are, taking in the moments, sitting back and soaking in a sunset are we sitting there camera poised in an attempt to capture the perfect picture. And as we sit there waiting for some form of proof to show that we are going places, attending camp, traveling the world, showing friends and family and perfect strangers that we are living life, that we are so caught up in what quote we will post with what image we end up missing out on living.

How much time do we spend behind our phones texting and instagraming, and social media-ing what are supposed to be these fantastic moments in our lives but at the same time are missing the fact and the wonder of standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon? Or that we are spending time with best friends making moments rather than catching them?

Don’t get me wrong, I love having pictures to look back on, to see the memories that have been made, but from now on I plan to take a few less pictures so I can enjoy being in a few more moments. Instead of watching camp happen, joining in worship with hundreds of teenagers. Instead of planning how to word the perfect status, turning the phone off for a little and later on calling or meeting up with those friends to tell them about the experience and going back to when pictures were exciting to share because they weren’t plastered all over the internet before you could share the story behind the image in person.

Here’s to a summer of diving deep into the moments of each day, adding to the story of my life and not from behind an iphone screen.



I’m Nobody: the Lost Pages By: Alex Marestaing

Caleb Reed is not your average 13 year old. In fact for years he has not left his house, afraid of the world around him and what could happen, Caleb remains locked inside doing the same thing everyday. Sticking to the routine he has always known, until one day letters begin to appear leading him out into the world where he was afraid to venture, but he is more afraid to not read the note. Caleb is ready to connect with someone and to find a friend.

I’m Nobody: The Lost Pages is a book that you have never seen before, the characters are rich and vibrant and go beyond the surface. The story will keep you guessing and glued to each page as you try to figure out who is sending the notes. This book is an easy read for all ages and will entertain readers of all ages.

When I first received this book I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it, and really wasn’t sold on the idea of reading it but as soon as I started I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one sitting!

I received this book complimentary from the publisher through Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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