Susan May Warren’s “My Foolish Heart” – Book Review

     Susan May Warren’s My Foolish Heart follows the story of Isadora ‘Issy’ Pressley, who do to an accident has left her with PTSD and the inability to leave the direct vicinity of her house, where she broadcasts her nightly radio show giving advice to listeners about relationships and love, which Issy has not experienced herself. 
      Warren has created a cast of characters that you cannot help but love and relate too, this modern day romance keeps you glued to the pages.
Warren has crafted a story not only of a developing relationship but also a story of conquering fear, pride and past mistakes and taking what was a crippling experience and transforming those experiences through God’s redemption and abiding love into healing and a strength that only God can provide.
     You are not going to want to put down this book, Warren has created a story that you will get completely involved in, where you feel like a member of the town of Deep Haven. The story comes to life on the page and will keep your attention from page one.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of “My Foolish Hearts”


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