I’ve never said this before
I’ve never opened that door so wide
No one else is around
There is no good reason for me to hide
And I, I want to be real

So I’m throwin out words I don’t fully understand
I could be talkin to myself but I don’t think I am
Cause you’re always there through the fight
Saving my heart from the doubt inside

I’m not the man that I was
I used to see you in highs and lows
But now I keep on believin
And even if I can’t see, you show
And I, I want to be real oh, yea

And I, I want to be real
And I want to be real
There’s too much at stake
And I’m tired of fakin
I just want to be real
I want to be real
There’s too much at stake
I don’t care if I break
I just want to be real
I want to be real

You’re always right by my side

I’ve never said this before
I’ve never opened the door so wide
But I think it’s time

Chris August, I want to be real

Whatever you want, chase after it with everything that you have. Not for the fame or fortune but solely because that’s what you believe in.”
-Natalie Warne


I think I need a pair of these….


The Take Action Bible – Book Review

     The Take Action Bible is a NKJV, this Bible is a daily reading Bible with some extra content it includes colorful and detailed maps, a nice sized concordance as well as personal stories and ideas of things you can be doing in your community.
     This Bible is not quite what I expected to be, the 15 real life stories are more like simple blurbs that have a verse tied with each story and a few questions to go with. I made the assumption that the stories would actually talk about the people and what they have faced, rather they read more like an introductory paragraph and does not give much information beyond that. There are also a few note pages that are attached with each story.
     The additional pages in this Bible are very colorful and the graphics are awesome,  there are a bunch of colorful maps and descriptions in the back that are very helpful.  Each section of the Bible has an introduction to the book and section that is very informative and covers what is happening historically during this time and background information on the people you will meet within that book. Each verse also starts its own line which makes it very easy to find each verse; however, books of the Bible do not start on a new page.
     If you like to write in your Bible, this may not be the Bible for you, there is very little margins and the pages are super thin, any type of ink carries through to the back page.
     This Bible is a nice size and weight for carrying around without worrying about the words being too small to read; however, after two weeks of carrying it around the cover and pages are already showing gentle wear and tear.

Complimentary copy of this book was provided by Thomas Nelson via Booksneeze.com

Max on Life:Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions – Book Review

     Max Lucado’s newest book breaks from the traditional format of all of his previous books. Lucado has selected 172 questions he has been asked over the years through letters, e-mails, church, and his radio show and broken them down into seven topics: Hope, Hurt, Help, Him/Her, Have/Have-not and Hereafter. The questions range in depth from simple questions of everyday life to deeper questions of Christianity.
     This book is a great addition to any collection, Lucado has put together a book of questions, some of which being the questions you have been afraid to ask because you have grown up in the church and feel that people will judge you for not knowing the answer or even for asking it. Lucado once again gives each reader a lot to think about and consider through each question and answer. This book reads very conversationally filled with insight and humor Lucado responds to each question without putting the reader down or judging no matter how trivial a question may be.
     I was provided an advanced reader copy through Thomas Nelson via booksneeze.com

What one principle can save Humanity? – Book Review

The Final Summit, Andy Andrews    

David Ponder has been tasked by the archangel Gabriel to lead a group of ‘travelers,’ historical figures of note throughout time that have made some impact on society, there job is to conduct the Final Summit in answering the question of discovering what one principle will save all of humanity, and without the correct answer mankind will come to an end.
Andy Andrews has shown his abilities as a writer in creating a story that is compelling and thought provoking. The concept behind the Final Summit and the idea of what principle will help to get humanity back on track is interesting, as David Ponder with the help of many historical figures searches for the answer, the author spends chapters on possibilities and defining each of these words. With only five chances to answer the discussions that ensue are interesting and in some cases speculative to what each figure would say had they been in the situation.
Throughout this book the story line was slightly aggravating where the author took many liberties on biblical accuracies; this books whole plot basis is not biblically based. If you are looking for a Biblically accurate Fiction story this is not your Book.
As a book of pure fiction, the story makes some valid points and through the seven decisions in the beginning of the book offers sounds advice to living a better life. The authors writing style keeps you intrigued and in the story; however, the plot line and chapter layout becomes repetitive and predictable.

Complimentary copy of this book was provided by Thomas Nelson Publishing through Booksneeze.com

How big of a secret is too big? – Book Review

Promises to Keep By: Ann Tatlock

Promises to Keep is the story of 11 year old Roz (Rosalind), who’s mother has just moved their family into the town of Mills River, Illinois after leaving their father behind in Minnesota to protect their family. Roz’s Mother Janis wants to start a new life, a life where her family can be safe; while Roz misses her father she does not understand why they cannot be a family. When Roz sees her father in town only her best friend Mara knows, is this too big a secret for the two girls to keep? Will Roz makes the right decision before something bad happens?

Promises to Keep is very well written and keeps you involved in the story until the very end.  Ann Tatlock has crafted a story that keeps straight to the point, avoiding topics that would stray away from the story. Many sub-plots appear throughout the book but Tatlock makes a point of focusing on Roz and her story. At times the characters seem a little 2 dimensional and do not have the layers or character development throughout the story. I wish that the author would have chosen to add one or two of the subplots and developed those characters and introduced us to who they are a little more.

This book although predictable was very well written, and if the story doesn’t the authors writing style will keep you reading until the very end.

I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishing

Invisible Children posted this and it just needs shared.

“‘Nothing has ever grown in this desert. I’m sorry, it’s impossible.’ but no one told the small fresh flowers what was and wasn’t, and so they grew because that is what they do. 

They did not know the millions of reasons why not. They knew only the simple true reason and obeyed it.”

Life Without Limits – Book Review

     Life Without Limits is the story of Nick Vujicic, Nick who was born without arms or legs has gone on to inspire people of all ages world wide, through this book Nick hopes to inspire people to live a ‘ridiculously good life.’ Although throughout his life Nick has faced many difficulties and challenges he does not let those be the focus of his day to day living, but more so he sees that there are others around him that face challenges that are more difficult than what he faces on a daily basis.
      In this book Nick tells stories about himself and how he overcame many challenges and stories of people he has met throughout the word that encouraged him and continue to inspire despite the obstacles that arise.  Nick does a good job of keeping you interested and keeping positive in times of difficulty with practical advice on how to change what you may think is a horrible experience into something that can help others and help you to get through.
      This book is not about how hard and difficult life can be but instead how to live a fulfilled life for God and to exceed in every situation.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review