How big of a secret is too big? – Book Review

Promises to Keep By: Ann Tatlock

Promises to Keep is the story of 11 year old Roz (Rosalind), who’s mother has just moved their family into the town of Mills River, Illinois after leaving their father behind in Minnesota to protect their family. Roz’s Mother Janis wants to start a new life, a life where her family can be safe; while Roz misses her father she does not understand why they cannot be a family. When Roz sees her father in town only her best friend Mara knows, is this too big a secret for the two girls to keep? Will Roz makes the right decision before something bad happens?

Promises to Keep is very well written and keeps you involved in the story until the very end.  Ann Tatlock has crafted a story that keeps straight to the point, avoiding topics that would stray away from the story. Many sub-plots appear throughout the book but Tatlock makes a point of focusing on Roz and her story. At times the characters seem a little 2 dimensional and do not have the layers or character development throughout the story. I wish that the author would have chosen to add one or two of the subplots and developed those characters and introduced us to who they are a little more.

This book although predictable was very well written, and if the story doesn’t the authors writing style will keep you reading until the very end.

I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishing

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