What one principle can save Humanity? – Book Review

The Final Summit, Andy Andrews    

David Ponder has been tasked by the archangel Gabriel to lead a group of ‘travelers,’ historical figures of note throughout time that have made some impact on society, there job is to conduct the Final Summit in answering the question of discovering what one principle will save all of humanity, and without the correct answer mankind will come to an end.
Andy Andrews has shown his abilities as a writer in creating a story that is compelling and thought provoking. The concept behind the Final Summit and the idea of what principle will help to get humanity back on track is interesting, as David Ponder with the help of many historical figures searches for the answer, the author spends chapters on possibilities and defining each of these words. With only five chances to answer the discussions that ensue are interesting and in some cases speculative to what each figure would say had they been in the situation.
Throughout this book the story line was slightly aggravating where the author took many liberties on biblical accuracies; this books whole plot basis is not biblically based. If you are looking for a Biblically accurate Fiction story this is not your Book.
As a book of pure fiction, the story makes some valid points and through the seven decisions in the beginning of the book offers sounds advice to living a better life. The authors writing style keeps you intrigued and in the story; however, the plot line and chapter layout becomes repetitive and predictable.

Complimentary copy of this book was provided by Thomas Nelson Publishing through Booksneeze.com

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