The Take Action Bible – Book Review

     The Take Action Bible is a NKJV, this Bible is a daily reading Bible with some extra content it includes colorful and detailed maps, a nice sized concordance as well as personal stories and ideas of things you can be doing in your community.
     This Bible is not quite what I expected to be, the 15 real life stories are more like simple blurbs that have a verse tied with each story and a few questions to go with. I made the assumption that the stories would actually talk about the people and what they have faced, rather they read more like an introductory paragraph and does not give much information beyond that. There are also a few note pages that are attached with each story.
     The additional pages in this Bible are very colorful and the graphics are awesome,  there are a bunch of colorful maps and descriptions in the back that are very helpful.  Each section of the Bible has an introduction to the book and section that is very informative and covers what is happening historically during this time and background information on the people you will meet within that book. Each verse also starts its own line which makes it very easy to find each verse; however, books of the Bible do not start on a new page.
     If you like to write in your Bible, this may not be the Bible for you, there is very little margins and the pages are super thin, any type of ink carries through to the back page.
     This Bible is a nice size and weight for carrying around without worrying about the words being too small to read; however, after two weeks of carrying it around the cover and pages are already showing gentle wear and tear.

Complimentary copy of this book was provided by Thomas Nelson via

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