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Hey Everyone! On Blogging for Books all the rankings for reviews have been reset, Would you be able to rank these two reviews? The tool bars are reposted under each in this post. These rankings allow me to be able to request more books. Thanks!

The Chocolate Diaries:

Linamen has sculpted a book of the stories of everyday women like you and me and the ups and downs that are faced on a daily basis.  The Chocolate Diaries is full of anecdotes (and chocolate) that bring laughter and tears, occasionally at the same time. Each chapter brings little pick me ups and how everyday readers handle times of stress.

Linamen has crafted a story full of the sweet and bitter moments in life.  This book was enjoyable, reading about the lives of real people and the ways some women have learned to cope with stress and to find laughter in otherwise dreary situations.  This book is a great read, good for reading straight through or to come back to when you’re in need of a pick-me-up (don’t forget  the side of chocolate!) 

Each chapter also brings along delicious recipes for when those chocolate cravings hit.  Every chocolate lover will appreciate this book!

I received this book complimentary from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group through their reviewer exchange program.

Life Without Limits

Life Without Limits is the story of Nick Vujicic, Nick who was born without arms or legs has gone on to inspire people of all ages world wide, through this book Nick hopes to inspire people to live a ‘ridiculously good life.’ Although throughout his life Nick has faced many difficulties and challenges he does not let those be the focus of his day to day living, but more so he sees that there are others around him that face challenges that are more difficult than what he faces on a daily basis. 

In this book Nick tells stories about himself and how he overcame many challenges and stories of people he has met throughout the word that encouraged him and continue to inspire despite the obstacles that arise.  Nick does a good job of keeping you interested and keeping positive in times of difficulty with practical advice on how to change what you may think is a horrible experience into something that can help others and help you to get through.

This book is not about how hard and difficult life can be but instead how to live a fulfilled life for God and to exceed in every situation.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

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