Imaginary Jesus: Matt Mikalatos – Book Review

                Everyday we let the media get in our way, we watch television, listen to the radio, spend hours online and then turn around and complain that we cannot hear God’s voice.  We complain that other people are seeing Him every day and hearing the plans He has for them, and do not understand what we are missing.  Everyday instead of enjoying the silence and listening for Gods call we turn to movies and television, we turn to work and the craziness of the day rather than finding a few moments alone.  Instead of searching for the reason we cannot hear Him we decide to change Jesus to fit into our lives and schedules, we change who He is and create an ‘imaginary Jesus’ that suits our lifestyles and what we want out of Jesus.

                Matt Mikalatos tackles this problem head on with an interesting story of learning that the Jesus he speaks to daily is actually an ‘imaginary’ Jesus and his search in finding the true Jesus. I really do not know what to think of this book, I did not enjoy it and many times found myself wondering what in the world I was reading.  I would still recommend ‘Imaginary Jesus’ to people though because it causes you to reevaluate and look at the barriers you have created and how you have boxed Jesus in to fit your lifestyle rather than changing your lifestyle to fit Him.  It reminds us we should be chases after Jesus and that to hear His voice we need to find the time to focus on Him and to take a break from the static of our daily lives.


It’s Summertime, Sweet Summertime…

Wow! Can you believe it, yesterday was the first day of summer!! Although here in Oklahoma it has felt like summer came months ago! Things have been pretty hectic lately, but don’t worry I am back and I am ready for this blog to expand!   As you may have noticed since the switch to Tumblr I have been a bit AWOL beyond posting book reviews, my summer reading list and some quotes here and there, but its time to get back on board!   Summer is going to get crazy and I wanted to share with you about an amazing event known as Youth America! ( ) ( (Make sure to check out the site for some crazy videos from Youth Pastor Grant Pankratz!)  

What is Youth America?  

Our Heart & Mission
The heart of Youth America is to redefine the Church for this generation as the Ultimate Cause. Our mission is to impart vision and inspire passion so leaders and students will be the church by helping others, building friendships, and doing whatever it takes to carry the cause together. 

Youth America is the new generation for youth ministry, I will explain more of what they are doing throughout the summer but I want to make you aware of this camp and how this going to change the lives of so many youth this summer! Its time to start praying for those in attendance to be expectant and to prepare their hearts for what God is going to do in their lives!  

I am so excited to be able to say that I am going to be a part of this experience, it is so refreshing to find a camp that is not focused on the week of camp but instead on the individuals and how it will impact their home churches!   The next generation is stepping up and ready to take charge all for the glory of God!  

-Elle in Organic Shoes

Youth America Week 1 Promo from Grant Pankratz on Vimeo.


Journey to Riverbend- Not what I expected – Book Review

Journey to Riverbend has a good basis for what could have been a great book.  McLaughlin has begun the process of creating characters that are interesting and that you could invest yourself in; however, they never developed into a character that you really wanted to know more about.  This book felt very surface level, although it was full of mentions of the characters past it never went into enough details or how each character was coping only enough information was given to know about their background.
I do not usually read historical fiction, and this would have not been my first choice, this book left a lot of questions and never developed fully.  The story follows Michael Archer on his quest to help a son apologize to his father and along the way he meets Rachel Stone, a girl relatively new to Riverbend and trying to move beyond her past. I struggled to really get into this book, the story seemed to leap between events happening within the characters life but never really focused on the people only what was happening around them, some of these events and violence that took place was a little to descriptive and was uncalled for.
Journey to Riverbend was an ok book, I would have liked the characters and plot line to be more developed and to really be able to sink into this story.


Stuck in a rutt? Well its time to climb out! – Book Review

      Stuck in a rutt? Always focusing on the negative? Unsure of how to dig yourself out of that deep dark whole?  Tim Sanders is here to offer you some help to gain back your confidence and to succeed everyday from your place of business to your work life.
      We all go through those times where we are not sure how to continue or where to go from here, Sanders helps to redefine what we are living for he reminds us that “your purpose must involve something greater than yourself” and how to find what your purpose is and how you should focus on the purpose God has given you over a passion that you may let drive you.
      Through ‘Today we are Rich’ Sanders tells of his own pitfalls and how he has managed to turn everything around and live a positive life that has led to his success, and how money and wealth and our job is not what makes us rich, instead it is the act of fulfilling our purpose, serving others and living the life we are meant to live that make us rich every single day.
      ‘Today we are Rich’ is full of advice and the steps it takes to turn our life around, it is full of stories of people who have done that, and those who have given up and let themselves fall deeper into the hole. Sanders takes the time to remind us that this book is not going to change our opinions and thought and our life, but that its a starting point but the only way you can become a more confident person is by changing your attitude and outlook on life, and that begins with you. So take the first step to becoming the true you and realizing that today YOU are Rich.

So Long Insecurity: You’re been a bad friend to us – Book Review

     Beth Moore’s So Long Insecurity: You’ve been a bad friend to us is amazing! I had the opportunity to read this as a book study and the response was phenomenal.  Beth Moore has created a book to free women from the insecurity trap that we wrap ourselves into. Through her own experiences and the experiences of other women Moore has helped with rediscovering yourself through God’s eyes and not the insecurities that we have created.     This book was very informative and a good read, I feel that the 30 plus generation will get a lot more out of this book however. As a twenty something it is hard to relate to parts of this book. It was an eye opener to see what insecurities may arise in the future and to hear about other women’s perspectives on these issues compared to how the younger generation views the same problems.

Winnie: The Horse Gentler – Book Review

     Dandi Daley Mackall has created the must read series for the next generation.  If you love God and horses this is the book for you! Winnie: The Horse Gentler follows 12 year old Winnie and her love for horses.  By the end of this book you will not only have learned tons about horses but fall in love with a cast of characters and a family rebuilding itself after tragedy.
     In the first book of the series, Wild Thing, Winnie and her sister Liz have just moved with their dad to a new town where Winnie spots the most beautiful horse she has ever seen and knows that she must own the horse.  Through twists and turns Winnie gets the chance to see and work with the horse deemed ‘Wild Thing’ once Winnie with the help of some friends figures out how she can earn the money to buy ‘Wild Thing’ she goes to tell him and discovers that the owners have moved him.
     Will Winnie find where they have taken ‘Wild Thing’ will she be able to have her dream horse at last? Will she ever see ‘Wild Thing’ again?

Nigerian ‘baby factory’ Raided, 32 teenaged girls freed

Every Girl Must Read This! – Book Review

Praying for Your Future Husband by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer

Every girl needs to read this book! Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer have crafted an instructional guide on how to pray for your future husband! This book is not about finding your husband but preparing your heart, and praying for his.

Praying for Your Future Husband is filled with insights from the authors and stories of women who prayed for their future husband.  The chapters are broken down into topics ranging from protection, strength, understanding, to loyalty and faithfulness. Each chapter shows examples of these and breaks down ways to pray about that topic concerning your future husband as well as concerning yourself.

The authors have put together a narrative of their very different lives of seeking and praying for where God is leading them to. This book is an insightful journey on how to pray for your future husband and yourself!

I received this book complimentary from WaterBrook Multnomah through there Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are all my own.


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