Stuck in a rutt? Well its time to climb out! – Book Review

      Stuck in a rutt? Always focusing on the negative? Unsure of how to dig yourself out of that deep dark whole?  Tim Sanders is here to offer you some help to gain back your confidence and to succeed everyday from your place of business to your work life.
      We all go through those times where we are not sure how to continue or where to go from here, Sanders helps to redefine what we are living for he reminds us that “your purpose must involve something greater than yourself” and how to find what your purpose is and how you should focus on the purpose God has given you over a passion that you may let drive you.
      Through ‘Today we are Rich’ Sanders tells of his own pitfalls and how he has managed to turn everything around and live a positive life that has led to his success, and how money and wealth and our job is not what makes us rich, instead it is the act of fulfilling our purpose, serving others and living the life we are meant to live that make us rich every single day.
      ‘Today we are Rich’ is full of advice and the steps it takes to turn our life around, it is full of stories of people who have done that, and those who have given up and let themselves fall deeper into the hole. Sanders takes the time to remind us that this book is not going to change our opinions and thought and our life, but that its a starting point but the only way you can become a more confident person is by changing your attitude and outlook on life, and that begins with you. So take the first step to becoming the true you and realizing that today YOU are Rich.

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