Journey to Riverbend- Not what I expected – Book Review

Journey to Riverbend has a good basis for what could have been a great book.  McLaughlin has begun the process of creating characters that are interesting and that you could invest yourself in; however, they never developed into a character that you really wanted to know more about.  This book felt very surface level, although it was full of mentions of the characters past it never went into enough details or how each character was coping only enough information was given to know about their background.
I do not usually read historical fiction, and this would have not been my first choice, this book left a lot of questions and never developed fully.  The story follows Michael Archer on his quest to help a son apologize to his father and along the way he meets Rachel Stone, a girl relatively new to Riverbend and trying to move beyond her past. I struggled to really get into this book, the story seemed to leap between events happening within the characters life but never really focused on the people only what was happening around them, some of these events and violence that took place was a little to descriptive and was uncalled for.
Journey to Riverbend was an ok book, I would have liked the characters and plot line to be more developed and to really be able to sink into this story.


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