It’s Summertime, Sweet Summertime…

Wow! Can you believe it, yesterday was the first day of summer!! Although here in Oklahoma it has felt like summer came months ago! Things have been pretty hectic lately, but don’t worry I am back and I am ready for this blog to expand!   As you may have noticed since the switch to Tumblr I have been a bit AWOL beyond posting book reviews, my summer reading list and some quotes here and there, but its time to get back on board!   Summer is going to get crazy and I wanted to share with you about an amazing event known as Youth America! ( ) ( (Make sure to check out the site for some crazy videos from Youth Pastor Grant Pankratz!)  

What is Youth America?  

Our Heart & Mission
The heart of Youth America is to redefine the Church for this generation as the Ultimate Cause. Our mission is to impart vision and inspire passion so leaders and students will be the church by helping others, building friendships, and doing whatever it takes to carry the cause together. 

Youth America is the new generation for youth ministry, I will explain more of what they are doing throughout the summer but I want to make you aware of this camp and how this going to change the lives of so many youth this summer! Its time to start praying for those in attendance to be expectant and to prepare their hearts for what God is going to do in their lives!  

I am so excited to be able to say that I am going to be a part of this experience, it is so refreshing to find a camp that is not focused on the week of camp but instead on the individuals and how it will impact their home churches!   The next generation is stepping up and ready to take charge all for the glory of God!  

-Elle in Organic Shoes

Youth America Week 1 Promo from Grant Pankratz on Vimeo.


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