Imaginary Jesus: Matt Mikalatos – Book Review

                Everyday we let the media get in our way, we watch television, listen to the radio, spend hours online and then turn around and complain that we cannot hear God’s voice.  We complain that other people are seeing Him every day and hearing the plans He has for them, and do not understand what we are missing.  Everyday instead of enjoying the silence and listening for Gods call we turn to movies and television, we turn to work and the craziness of the day rather than finding a few moments alone.  Instead of searching for the reason we cannot hear Him we decide to change Jesus to fit into our lives and schedules, we change who He is and create an ‘imaginary Jesus’ that suits our lifestyles and what we want out of Jesus.

                Matt Mikalatos tackles this problem head on with an interesting story of learning that the Jesus he speaks to daily is actually an ‘imaginary’ Jesus and his search in finding the true Jesus. I really do not know what to think of this book, I did not enjoy it and many times found myself wondering what in the world I was reading.  I would still recommend ‘Imaginary Jesus’ to people though because it causes you to reevaluate and look at the barriers you have created and how you have boxed Jesus in to fit your lifestyle rather than changing your lifestyle to fit Him.  It reminds us we should be chases after Jesus and that to hear His voice we need to find the time to focus on Him and to take a break from the static of our daily lives.


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