There’s something kind of funny…

     You know those moments where you least expect to have a reminder from God? I had one of those recently.  This weekend I want to see Monte Carlo (high school type chick flick starring Selena Gomez, as she goes on her dream trip to Paris after graduating high school only to be mistaken by a British heiress) I know this is not a movie for everyone, but when I am exhausted, stressed and tired this is exactly the movie I want. 

I really enjoyed this movie, but anyone that knows me knows that a movie that ends with the lead volunteering with children in Romania is my type of movie (I’ve always said if I could make a living of being a volunteer I would do it in a heartbeat) but by the end of this movie, I realized that I had forgotten how much I wanted to help internationally to really do something. I volunteer weekly, but it has become routine, it is what I love to do but I often forget who I am helping and what I am doing it for. Volunteering is not to help me, it is for me to let God’s light shine through me and to speak to people. It is to help those that we are called to help. To serve others. And although I would have never expected this movie to do that, it reminded me how much God has impressed upon me my love to serve others.

I really have gotten into a rut of forgetting who I am helping when I volunteer and agreeing to serve in areas just because they need someone, and I understand there is always a need for people, but there are certain areas of service I have been called specifically too, and I should be focusing on those and not piling my schedule with everything just because I am afraid to say no.

-Elle in Organic Shoes

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