Her Mother’s Hope: Francine Rivers – Book Review

Her Mother’s Hope A 2011 Retailers Choice Award Winner!!

        Francine Rivers has an amazing ability to craft a story where you feel emotionally connected to each character and where you hope that the story will never end.  Her Mother’s Hope takes you through the childhood of Marta and her experiences of growing up in Switzerland and yearning for something more to do with her life, and eventually follows her to California where she has settled and raised a family.  In fear for her daughter and the similarities she possesses with Marta’s own sister she pushes her daughter Hildemara Rose away not realizing the rift that grows between them.
        Marta’s life had been filled with so much heartache and struggle that she believes that only the strong survive, and while Hildemara comes off as shy reserved girl, Marta tries to push her hoping she will not fail.  In a turn of events Marta and Hildemara are forced back together when they find that they need one another and they must learn from each other and realize they may have misunderstood each other the whole time.
        This was only my first experience with a Francine Rivers novel and I am amazed at the quality of the stories that she writes. I tend to avoid historical books however Rivers has created a story where her characters jump off the page and make you feel as if you have known them forever. 


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