PrayerWalk – Book Review

Prayerwalk: Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Strength, and Discipline  -              By: Janet Holm McHenry      PrayerWalk:

                                    Becoming a Women of Prayer, Strength & Discipline
                                    By: Janet Holm McHenry

     Struggling to find time to prayer? Getting distracted by your everyday list of things you need to do? Feeling bad because you aren’t active enough, wanting to stay healthy and fit? Janey Holm McHenry has the perfect combination, start Prayer-Walking. Taking the time out of your day to walk and enjoy nature and at the same time pray and strengthen your Christian walk.

     In the book PrayerWalk, McHenry has created a guide on how to go about starting to prayerwalk. Everything from stretching, considering a partner, where to prayerwalk to what to pray for and how to determine the best time for you to get away. McHenry has also added stories of personal experience and stories from others who have joined her in prayer-walking.

     I really liked the idea of this book, but was looking for something a little more in depth and how to become a women of prayer and strength. This book felt more like a health book at times, although your heart rate and to not over exert yourself physically and making sure you are stretching are all important aspects of prayerwalking I was hoping for more of a focus on the prayer part of the exercise.

     However, the newer edition of this book includes a thirty day fitness challenge, guides to organizing a community prayer walk as well as a Bible Study and discussion guide I was hoping these would be more of the focus of the book rather than an addendum attached to the end.

I received this book complimentary from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group through their reviewer exchange program. 

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