Nicolae – Book Review

Nicolae, Left Behind Series #3, Paperback   -              By: Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins      Nicolae By: Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

The third installment of the Left Behind Series will have you on your toes. This book takes off where book 2 (The Tribulation Force) ends. Nicolae Carpethia, the antichrist has come to power and has begun bombing the major cities, includinig where the tribulation force meets. Through these bombing the tribulation force loses some of their team and others have become injured.

During the funeral of one of their own the service lays out what will be happening next in the world, and the prediction of a worldwide earthquake, which comes while the tribulation force is separted by continents. Through the earthquake and meteors falling from the skies, a quarter of the worlds population does not survive.

Through this time Buck is traveling back and forth to Jerusalem and Egypt to find his friend Tsion Ben-Judah, who has been accused of murdering his family. Buck and Tsion, both international fugitives are fighting to get back to the United States without being caught. But now Chloe and Amanda are missing, will the tribulation force be put back together? Will Chloe and Amanda be found alive? This is definitley a series to continue following.


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