Craving Grace by Lisa Velthouse – Book Review

Craving Grace: A Story of Faith, Failure, and My Search for Sweetness  -              By: Lisa Velthouse      Craving Grace By: Lisa Velthouse

     Craving Grace by Lisa Velthouse was not what I expected. I am not sure what I was expecting, it may have been from my oversite on the cover of not seeing the fact this book was a memoir.  The writing in this book is captivating and pulls you into the story, many of these instances any of us can relate too.  Admittedly I struggle to get into this book in the beginning, where I wanted more information I was not finding it, and in other cases I did not want to continue but the more I read the more I wanted to know about how the fast turned out. By the end of the book I did not want to finish the story. Velthouse brings an insight on topics I had never considered, and being one of those people that always tries to follow the rules I easily related to her. By the last two chapters I did not want the story to end, and when it did I craved to know more, I hope for another book to come about the communal fasting of the members on the farm and to hear from not just Velthouse but also those accompanying her on the fast and their experiences.

     Craving Grace is exactly what the cover claims ‘a story of faith, failure, and my search for sweetness’ many times we forget to look at the sweetness of grace that God has granted us. Craving Grace has opened up that idea and pushed me to wanting to understand that grace more fully and instead of attempting to always do what I am supposed to but to remember the grace that God gives us. This book has caused me to attempt my own journey in fasting from sweets and searching
for that grace and I hope this does the same for others that will join me on my own journey of craving grace. 


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