Book 4: Soul Harvest – Book Review

Soul Harvest, Left Behind Series #4 (rpkgd)   -              By: Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins      Soul Harvest By: Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins    

    In the fourth book of the Left Behind series, the tribulation force has lost some of its numbers and also adds others to their rankings. After an earthquake ¼ of the population is gone taking with it members of the tribulation force, Amanda and Chloe are both missing and the home base for the tribulation force has been destroyed. Buck goes searching for a pregnant Chloe and Rayford goes on a deep sea dive to find the body of his wife Amanda White

     So many things are happening to the tribulation force throughout this book, Tsion Ben-Judah has made the decision to return to Israel in order to teach the 144,000 witnesses. Hattie Burham is found pregnant and in an abortion clinic. They have also learned of a plot that Carpethia plans to kill Rayford and Hattie. Since the earthquake the world has gone crazy, television is full of nudity, torture, and sexuality. The tribulation force has also noticed that believers have a mark on their foreheads that only other believers can see, which helps in recruiting new members to the tribulation force.

      Another Left Behind book that will keep you glued to your seats, this book is action packed and twists and turns come at every corner!


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