Just maybe the grass isn’t always greener…

Heiress (Daughters of Fortune)Heiress By: Susan May Warren

Esme and Jinx have grown up in a time full of debutantes, fancy parties, and the main goal of keeping yourself on the society page of the paper.  As the eldest daughter, Esme is expected to marry a man of fortune, a marriage of convenience to uphold the family status; however, Esme believes she is destined for more, she wants to see her byline on the front page of the paper. Her younger sister Jinx dreams of becoming a debutante, of attending balls and fulfilling her role and is angry at Esme for wanting to throw all her birthright has given her away.

We all have those moments when we truly believe that we know what we are supposed to do, and the constraints that society, our friends, family, and ourselves have placed upon us rule our decisions. Esme and Jinx must decide if what they dream of, or what everyone else dreams of for them is the right thing.

Susan May Warren has crafted an amazing, intense story surrounding the gilded age and all that happened within, although everyone on the outside saw their lifestyle as perfect, and that they had everything they ever wanted.  Warren’s characters are full of life and keep you coming back for more. Warren has a way of pulling you into a book and keeping you to the very end, where just maybe Esme and Jinx will realize that what is expected from the world or from yourself, is not what God may have planned.


I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for an honest review. The Opinions expressed are all my own.


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“I ain’t settlin’ so raise the bar high!”

Why is it that we let ourselves settle?  This has been on my mind for a while now, I just was not sure how or what to write about the subject. And I guess by writing it, I am admitting that I have considered settling.

There are so many things in our lives that we let ourselves settle on…

We settle on the job that we know is not the right one, but just feel is the best we can do.

We settle on the first relationship that comes our way just because we want to be in a relationship, even when it is the one we know that God has not planned for us.

We settle on just getting by, accepting the outcomes the world has placed upon us.

When we settle we are not searching for God’s will for our life. No where in the Bible does it say that you will just get by, in fact the Bible says the opposite!

God has promised us a life of blessing and provision, God knows our deepest desires, He has promised them to us, and although we pray and pray and pray and do not see it, does not mean God has said ‘no,’ it means He has said ‘not now.’

God will provide all our needs, He wants the best for us. So lets stop settling for what’s barely enough and reach for the promises of God.

He loves us. And we love Him. Everyday we should spend every moment doing His work. Glorifying who He is and how much He has done for us.

So as of right now, lets not settle! Let’s aim for what God wants in our lives!


Night Night Blessings

Night Night Blessings By: Amy Parker Illistrated By: Marihan Ramljak

Night Night Blessings is a cute story for kids, this book is one of the cardboard books which holds up well with toddlers. This is a cute story about a little kid who is thanking God for everything they have received from puppy dog kisses to family time.

Night Night blessings has a great message reminding us to thank God for everything and everyone He has put into our lives, kids will love this story and learn how God is watching over them always. Amy Parker has crafted a beautiful story that is understandable to young children. A great gift for kids 1-3 years old. The illustrations are nice and use tons of colors, kids are sure to enjoy this story.

This book was provided to me complimentary through the BookSneeze program in exchange for an honest review. The views expressed are all my own.


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Tonight at 7pm Central is the Facebook Party for Rosslyn Elliott’s debut Novel ‘Fairer than Morning! Scroll down more to see my review!

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My Rocket Dogs that inspired the name for this blog. Both pairs have died.

Meet Gabby from Sheila Walsh’s New Book Gabby God’s Little Angel 

Time to Curl up with a good book!

Ready for the autumn weather? To curl up with a blanket, hot chocolate and a good book? Rosslyn Elliott has debuted with the perfect book to curl up with. Fairer than Morning, historically based on the Hanby family of Ohio, is a story that will capture your heart and remind you of the beauty and goodness that people have inside them.

This story is filled with twists and turns, Ann Miller has been proposed to and is unsure what to do, helping to raise her two young sisters, and help take care of the farm while her Father is away on business, she is not sure if she is ready to move away from them, but Eli Bowen is exactly what she has been dreaming of.  After a business trip with her father, a saddle-maker, Ann meets Will Hanby, an
indentured servant with a cruel master, and Ann realizes that the world is not as beautiful as it once was. Now Ann must decide what to do.

During Ann’s visit, Will Hanby has discovered a new hope within him that he believed had been crushed by his master. Will decides that Ann’s father and the Miller family will be able to help, but how will he make it from Pittsburgh to Ohio? Will the Miller family welcome him or turn him back to his master?

Elliott has crafted a marvelous tale that will keep you glued to the pages. An excellent debut book and introduction to the Saddler’s Legacy. I cannot wait to see what else Rosslyn Elliott has hidden up her sleeve!

Thanks to Litfuse Publicity for the opportunity to review this book.  You can learn more about Rosslyn Elliott a thttp://www.rosslynelliott.com/ .

Change is in the air…

     I woke up this morning to the smell of autumn, easily my favorite season of the four. I’ve always loved the drop in temperature, the smell of the crisp, clean air, the colors of the leaves changing in preparation for winter. This morning felt different, I knew that autumn was right around the corner, but it wasn’t just the nature turning into a new season I could feel a new season for me starting, I can feel that something is about to happen, I can feel that God has plans for me, and this new season I am going to fall into those plans.

     There’s just something about the change from Summer to Fall that just fills you with a new start, it is nothing like the change of other seasons, the change of Winter to Spring is always welcome but it is not the same. Even though I have been out of school for a while September always feels like a time to refresh, to start over, to begin again.

     It is time for a new season, and with a new season comes new responsibilities, new decisions, new friends and new choices. Which ever way our path may lead each of us we must remember to follow the path that God has put infront of us, and to turn in the direction that He leads us on. A new season means a fresh start. It’s time to renew our relationship with our Savior and focus on Him and the plans He has set before us, when we follow Him, although this season may have twists and turns, bumps and brusises, it will be filled with ups and downs, but with Jesus we will get through each trial, celebrate each accomplishment and dance in the glory of our Lord.