Gabby, God’s Little Angel – Book Review

Gabby, God's Little Angel   -              By: Sheila Walsh

     Gabby, God’s Little Angel written by Sheila Walsh and illustrated by Marina Fedotova is the sweet children’s story about Gabby, an accident prone angel who gets her first assignment from God for a little girl that is learning about how God is always protecting her.  This book is very child friendly and is great for young kids, the message is broken down in a way that toddlers can also enjoy and understand this book.

     Gabby, God’s Little Angel is an adorable story the follows accident-prone guardian angel in training Gabby and the little girl, Sophie, she watches over. Sophie, who is always looking for adventure is riding her pony, Glitter for the first time. Sheila Walsh and Marina Fedotova were a great pair for this book, the illustrations are beautiful that every child will enjoy.  Walsh does a great job in taking the message that God is always with us and making it understandable. Every little girl will love the story of Gabby.

This book was provided complimentary through the BookSneeze
program in exchange for an honest reviews. All opinions expressed are my

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