Nobody’a Child- Where faith and ethics combine – Book Review

Nobody’s Child By Austin Boyd

      Laura Ann McGeHee father is dieing and the farm that has passed down from generations is about to be lost because of medical bills, so Laura Ann decides to take things into her own hands, and not thinking about the future consequences she does what she can with the only financial resource she has available, herself. In a string of events Laura Ann, a virgin mother, is now the guardian of her own biological son. However; somebody else wants to take him away and Laura Ann is prepared to fight for her child.

      Austin Boyd has created a story that bring todays bio-ethics head-to-head with faith and how the choices that are made and the things that we do all have consequences.  This story took a little getting into, but once I got into the story I did not want to put the book down but wanted to know the outcome.  Overall this is a good story, the summary on the back of the book is misleading and the story, with all the problems the characters are facing gets resolved relatively easily.

     The writing is descriptive and brings you into the world but some of the characters lack enough backstory and depth to really understand them. This book does cause you to think about how to deal with and figure out what happens when new technology and faith collide.

        This book was provided complimentary from Zondervan in exchange
for and honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are all
my own.


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