It’s time to fill those holes and become Whole


By: Lisa Whittle

Have that feeling that something is missing? Feel like something is holding you from life? relationships? a job? school? anything? Lisa Whittle has brought it all out into the open. Our lives are filled with holes, and often times we let those holes hold us back, we let them control who we are and the decisions we are making. Now what if those holes in our life are the things that will in the end make us whole?

Through Whole, Whittle shares her experiences of finding the holes in life and turning them around to be filled with God’s presence when he makes us whole. Whole takes an honest look at who we are and takes us on a journey to a full relationship with God where we can take those holes in our life and become whole in Christ.

This book will keep you encourage and uplift you to finding those holes in your life and filling them with God’s love, Whittle has compiled through her own experiences and others an honest look into how we allow things in our lives to grow and control who we are, she hows us how we are not called to be controlled by those things and that only God can fill the voids in our life. This book will have you re-examining your relationship with Christ and finding out how you can fill those empty parts of your life with Christ and all He has planned for you.

I highly recommend this book, be prepared to take a look at your life and re-evaluate everything, get ready to continue on a journey to becoming closer to our Savior through His amazing healing and grace. Get ready to become whole.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are all my own.


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