Being Content

“Believers are content knowing God’s promises, no matter the circumstances.”

-Monica Pankratz

Why is it that we are never content? For everything we have been provided, for all the blessing that God pours down on us, we forget to remain thankful, to be content with what we have been provided. We get that promotion and can only think of the next step and next pay raise, nevermind the months we spent praying for any job. We finally get to live in a house, and only can think of the furniture we want to add, the renovations to make the house bigger, nevermind the days where we did not understand how we managed to afforded the rent for that month.

Instead of being content (and continually pursuing God, not staying in one spot) we always want the next big thing. We spend each day like the Israelites who wandered through the desert complaining, forgetting all the God had promised to them and provided for them.

It is time for us to open our eyes, continue to pursue God and  be content with the season that we are in. Thanking God for each moment and each gift He has given to us and praise His name. Always.


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