“I don’t want to be the one God has to pass over personally because I didn’t answer His call.”

     Being called has always baffled me, I know many people who are called for something very specific, while others search for a direction to start in or even an inkling of which path to head towards. No matter which path is the one you are sent on, they all end at the same place, everyone’s calling and path will be to glorify God and lead towards Him.  When our calling takes us away from Him is when it is time to re-evaluate what we are doing. Every step, every move, every action that we take should lead to Christ and should glorify Him.

     So often we focus on ourselves rather than on our Creator. Every decision we make is based on if we have time, if we are not being inconvenienced, if we are going to benefit from the outcome of the situation.

For me personally, I know it’s time for me to step up, to really listen for God’s voice. Sometimes I feel like a fraud, I love volunteering, I believe that service is one of my spiritual gifts but there are those days where I realize that when I am out on a work site I consider my motivations behind going. I love to volunteer, I love to be with people and working alongside home owners, I admit to selfishly volunteering because I love seeing friends, building and seeing what can get done in a day.  But, at the end of the day I need to ask myself if I glorified God in the work I’ve completed, if I showed His love, shared His story, if I represented Him well. Unfortunately, the answer is no sometimes, I get to caught up in what I want to do that I forget to listen to what He wants and has for me.

I want God to break my heart. I want Him to lead my every action, to break my heart for His people and lead me on His path.

It’s time to surrender fully. No turning back.

Father, Here I am, Send me!


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