The Voice: A New way of reading the Bible

The Voice: New Testament

The Voice New Testament is a brand new translation that reads more like a story and helps to engage and help readers to make a more personal connection with the Word.  The Voice presents itself as a story rather than an informative textbook that allows its readers to get up close and personal with the life of Jesus.

The Voice offers a new and innovative way to get into the Bible, in this translation Biblical Scholars, writers, and many others have come together to keep the integrity of the original text but to also pay attention to the word usage in that time and the inflection of what is being said. In this translation different forms of type help the reader to understand the text, standard type references the dynamic translation, the italicized words offer help in completing ideas and inflection, delineated material helps to expand on themes within the text. There is also a convenient screenplay format that helps to eliminate the need and misunderstanding of who said what within a text.

I really enjoyed the layout of The Voice as well as the extra information that gives insight throughout the books. The screenplay format is great also! Eliminating the who said what and placing text into this format makes for an easier read and flow of the story, the text flows more smoothly. The extra inflections and side notes are very helpful. This Bible gives you a new way to look at and understand verses that you may have read before in the past. It gives you the ability to read a story you’ve heard for years with a fresh set of eyes!

I received this book complimentary through the BookSneeze program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

To see a side by side comparison of The Voice and The King James Version go to

The Full Bible Translation of The Voice will be available in April

For more information on The Voice translation check out their website at



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