Facing Trials and Opposition: Week 1 Graduated Blog Tour

Reflecting on the first week of 1 Peter 1:1-12: Finding Encouragement in Troubling Times By: Sue Edwards

      We’ve all experienced times of trouble and pain, we’ve all felt alone and depressed, not sure of which way to turn. In 1 Peter 1:1-12 Peter takes his time to address these trials, to encourage each of us to stay on the path and to continually seek Christ.

     Many times it feels like opposition comes out of no where, everything seems to be going smoothly and then BAM! We get hit smack in the face with a new problem, or something that sets off our balance, these come in many forms, sickness, divorce, a failed test, a huge decision, a lot job, a job offer, a fight with a friend or relative, an unexpected bill. Trials will not always be earth-shattering, even though sometimes they feel that way no matter how small the problem.

     Peter has taken the time to encourage us, to remind us that being a believer does not mean we are protected from all trials, but in fact may encounter them more! But our faith in Jesus, our belief in Him will bring us ‘inexpressible and glorious joy.’ Doesn’t that sound amazing?! Who wouldn’t want that?

     For the last two years I have been searching for a job, not just any job, but the job that I feel called too. A career, thankfully I am not unemployed and I am making ends meet, but every new rejection letter I receive trust me my heart doesn’t bounce with ‘inexpressible and glorious joy.’ I don’t shout out in praise for another batch of resumes to send out, I don’t get super excited about re-writing my cover letter…again (for the eighty bazillionth time.)

     And although finding a new job is not the hardest trial I will ever face, I am reminded by Peter that the best is yet to come. That the problems that I face are earthly problems and in few weeks, months, days, hours they are not going to seem like such a big problem any more. In fact I may look back and laugh at how ridiculous I responded to each trial.

     Peter reminds us that our earthly trials are nothing in comparison to the heavenly reward we will receive when we are worshipping at the feet of our One True God.


This Bible Study has been provided to me complimentary from Kregel Publishing.

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