Cliques, Hicks and Ugly Sticks

Cliques, Hicks and Ugly Sticks:The Confessions of April Grace

By: KD McCrite

Just when April Grace believed that the drama was over she had no idea what would happen once she entered into Junior High School. After Isabel St. James and is injured in an accident, her job at the school is placed on hold. In the meantime Mama hasn’t been feeling very well and is unable to be a part of the Christmas show at church. April Grace has a brilliant idea to get Isabel to direct the Christmas show. Only Isabel has her own ideas and expects April Grace to help out.

Will April Grace be able to stop worrying about her mom and help Isabel with the show? Will she figure out how to deal with Myra Sue and her snottiness?

This book is a great read for pre-teens that is wholesome, girls will love the stories of April Grace’s confessions.

I was provided this book complimentary from  the publisher through the BookSneeze book reviewer program. I am not required to write a positive review, all opinions are my own.



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