The Accidental Bride By: Denise Hunter

Shay Brandenberger has lived in Moose Creek all of her life, and small town life has its ups and downs, when Shay was younger she found herself thrust into the rumor mill because of the actions of  Travis McCoy, the man she thought she loved, believing to have moved on she married another man who soon sent her life tumbling into another spout of gossip. Now years later Travis McCoy is back, and with a weird turn of events Shay finds herself married to the man who broke her heart, but he makes her an offer that will possibly save her farm, and keep her and her daughter under a roof. Unable to say no Shay takes his offer and has a few hard lessons to learn along the way when she is injured and must rely on Travis, who broke her heart so many years ago.

Denise Hunter’s Big Sky Romances weave a tale of love and forgiveness and how much although you try to deny yourself feelings because of past hurts, at some point they will return. One of the themes throughout the book is to realize if you are trying to please God or man, and how that also will affect how we feel and the choices we will make based on how others respond.

This book was provided complimentary by Thomas Nelson Publishing through the NetGalley program in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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