Quit Going to Church By: Bob Hostetler

Bob Hostetler has startled us all with his latest title ‘Quit Going to Church’ don’t be thrown off by the title though, this book will take your beliefs to a new level. Those nicely packaged ideas and beliefs of what you should and should not do will be turned on its side and emptied out through each chapter. Just like the title, each chapter will give you a shock and sometimes make you apprehensive to continue reading, do not let that be a reason to stop you. With chapters titled Quit Going to Church, Quit Volunteering, Quit being Nice, and Quit Enjoying the Worship you will be challenged in each chapter realizing that we have allowed culture to define Christianity and fallen into a habit of how we believe we are supposed to act.

Hostetler tackles each chapter head on, you will laugh at his wit and humor that is thrown in the most unlikely places, be convicted realizing you’ve let yourself turn your faith into a habit, and grow in your faith because of this book. Hostetler uses scripture to support each statement and turns to the Bible to answer questions. Hostetler approaches each chapter sharing his own stories and experiences and shares ways to help us refocus and turn our eyes onto the Jesus of the Bible, not the Jesus we have squished into a box to fit into what we want Him to be. This is a very informative read that you will find relatable without feeling condemned. I highly recommend ‘Quit Going to Church’


This book was provided to me complimentary from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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