Hanging out in a holding pattern

“Waiting can paralyze us. It can cause us to do nothing until our hopes are realized, or until it’s clear that it won’t be. But I want to be like Abraham, who was actually strengthened as he waited, because he chose to believe God’s promises. He and Sarah waited 100 years for a son. But they trusted God’s plan, because His plan is trustworthy.”

I went to e-mail this article to a friend this morning, since we have a habit of sharing articles about being Christian and Single only to remember she is no longer single, so instead I am going to share it with all of you.

Singleness and Contentment

“So don’t fight against waiting. It’s a tool God uses to grow our character.”

Sometimes I hate waiting…ok Most of the time I hate waiting, we are so spoiled (at least I am) in getting what we want immediately. I want to watch my favorite show when I can’t sleep at 3 am No problem that’s what DVR’s are for! (Not that I would even know how to use one) Hungry and not in the mood to cook? Fast food here I come? Microwaves meals? Text Messages? E-mail? Everything is so easy for us especially in the United States, everything is given to us in a form to have it on the go, we want immediacy so when the time comes to wait and wait and wait we get antsy we don’t know what to do and don’t care  to learn anything during the process.

I spent my last two years applying to a new job, and applying and applying and every few months I would get an interview and go back to applying. It frustrated me beyond belief, I got to the where I felt stuck that maybe the job I was in was the only thing I would get, that I would be the one to fail, stuck in the dead-end job instead of taking the time like I should have and learned and listened for what God was teaching me during that time.

There’s still other things I wait for and in those moments I want to also be strengthened like Abraham during the wait. I need to look past how long it’s been since I started waiting, and embrace this time and season. Ok so waiting might mean I’m the only single bridesmaid…again, but right now I am alright with that. God knows my hearts desires, He knows and has plans beyond what I could even imagine.

So for now I wait. And I learn. And I share and connect with others. I know I am not the only one that feels I am constantly waiting, but maybe I can use what I learn as part as my ministry as a way to connect with others and build stronger relationships.


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  1. Great timing and thank you! I’m in the midst of waiting on ‘paperwork’ for a job I accepted that keeps being delayed. Your blog is perfect timing as I’m feeling a bit stuck right now. Blessings!!


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