Chasing Sunsets and other Random Thoughs

I love sunsets. They are one of my parts of the day, sunrise and sunset. There is just something about them, different every single day. Today I left work later than usual which allowed we to chase the sunset all the way home, you know those days where everyone is posting pictures or commenting about how beautiful the sunset once, those days where the colors are vibrant and extravagant? Today was not one of those days, today there was this subtle beauty that we can let slip by us because we are so used to looking at things and immediately have a reaction to them. Tonight was different, it was one of those sunsets that made you think that just maybe God put it right in front of you just for you to see, and that you were the only one that could see past the cloudy skies and find that quiet beauty that seems to sneak up on you when you least expect it.

I love everything about sunsets. Sometimes I am almost positive that it is one of the reasons I moved to Oklahoma, because everyday God paints a new masterpiece in the morning and at night as a reminder of His power. Oklahoma sunrises and sunsets were definitely a factor to me moving to this state. So was the wind. And trains. I love the sound of trains, and although people hate getting stuck at railroad crossings, I only hate it when I am not in the car closest to the tracks, I love watching the trains go by.

The wind takes its place with sunsets, ever since I was a kid I associated the wind with God. It was always a gentle reminder that He was there with me, in the gentle breeze, or the powerful winds of a thunderstorm. The wind was my reminder that God was always with me. I hear many complaints about the wind, and occasionally I may agree but secretly I just want to stand in the wind and feel God’s love wrap around me and remind me that He is always present in the strong storms, the gentle breezes, and every morning and evening when I watch the sun rise and fall on a new day
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