Dry as Rain By: Gina Holmes

Dry as Rain is a story of forgiveness, redemption and family. Kyra has lost her memory and cannot remember the last few years with her husband, years that had not been so good. Eric is consumed by his work believing that he does it so his family can have the best, so that they can be happy. Eric has been unfaithful, and with the lost of Kyra’s memory he sees his chance to start over, to get Kyra to fall in love with him all over again. In his plans to make his marriage what he has once dreamed of he hides the truth from Kyra, not telling her the whole story and keeping the truth from her in hopes that her memory won’t return, or if it does all he has done will outweigh the past.

This book has many valuable lessons throughout it about honesty and forgiveness and redemption and reminds us about what in life will truly make us happy. Dry as Rain is told from the perspective of Eric, I was not a fan of Eric and the choices he was making and was a struggle to really connect with the characters. The deception and Eric’s unwillingness to listen to those around me, although true to life at times made me very frustrated. The book tended to be a bit predictable. It was still a decent read and very well written, it just wasn’t the type of book I would choose for myself to read again.


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