Giants in the Land By: Clark Rich Burbidge

Giants in the Land Book One: The Way of Things By: Clark Rich Burbidge, Illustrated By: Karl C. Hepworth

As long as the town could remember there have been Giants in the Land, always there to help out with difficult chores, farming, metal work, sewing, building a levee, protecting the area. The presence of the giants has kept away intruders and wild animals. Than one morning all the giants are gone. The town is in a state of panic and terror, unsure of what has happened or how they will survive. After no one steps forward to go after the giants, Thomas, a local farmer, realizes that going after the giants is something that he must do. It will be a treacherous journey, to lands that no one from the town has every seen, he has no idea what difficulties he will encounter but does know he must search to find out where the giants have gone.

Giants in the land is an easy to read chapter book, great for kids and adults alike, especially for story time at night. Burbidge has created a story that is filled with lessons we all must learn someday. Specifically this book deals with what happens when you lose someone who you have relied on and trusted and having to find a way to continue on. Through Thomas we can relate to his fear and worry, his perseverance to continue and how to respond to a situation when someone we have always had in our lives is suddenly gone.

Burbidge has an easy to understand writing style that will capture your attention and bring you into the story, paired with the illustrations of Hepworth this is a great book for all ages, and would be an ideal book for young boys when trying to find something to read.

I received this book complimentary from the publisher through the Litfuse Publicity program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



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