The Stars Shine Bright By: Sibella Giorello

The Stars Shine Bright (Raleigh Harmon, #5)

Raleigh Harmon is back, and this time she is undercover. With the FBI suspending Raleigh for bending the rules, Special Agent Raleigh Harmon has one last chance to redeem herself and to save the career she loves so much. With the possibility of races being fixed at Emerald Downs horse track, Raleigh is called in to go undercover to discover what is happening; however, once she gets there horses are getting injured and dying and Raleigh’s own life is threatened. She soon realizes that there is something more than just horse races being fixed.

The one contact Raleigh has at the FBI is the one person she doesn’t want to have to deal with, never knowing if he will be teasing her, lecturing her or being a genuine friend Jack Stephenson is the last person Raleigh wants to have contact with. As things heat up at the races, Raleigh’s life continues in a downward spiral, her mother doesn’t want to see her, the required meetings with her shrink can mean losing her job with the FBI, Demott, her fiancée wants her to return home, a black Cadillac keeps appearing out of nowhere to follow Raleigh. With her life spinning out of control and the case having too many open ends with the FBI wanting to know her every move Raleigh is unsure where to turn. Can she figure out what is happening before someone ends up hurt and before the FBI pulls her off the assignment?

Sibella Giorello returns with the 5th book in the Raleigh Harmon series, The Stars Shine Bright, Giorello’s writing will wrap you into the pages, weaving you into the intricate story lines that make you feel as if you are watching the story develop. Giorello’s writing is complemented by her strong research and authentic characters that you can relate too. Filled with laughter, heartache, good times and bad you will sink into this story till the last page. 

This book was provided to me complimentary from Thomas Nelson Publishing through Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Thanks, Elle. So glad you enjoyed “Stars.” — sibella


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