Unstoppable By Nick Vujicic is Coming Soon!!

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Unstoppable is changing lives! Everyday Unstoppable is having a positive impact on people all across the globe, take the time to watch this video and read the first chapter of Unstoppable!

Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic (Chapter 1 Excerpt)


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The River By: @MWNeale

The River By: Michael Neale

“The River is alive and moving all around us”

Whenever I have reviewed a book I have always given a brief overview, but this time I don’t think I can. I don’t think I can sum up this book in the right words beyond Wow. This book deserves your undivided attention, I have never read a book that has captivated me so much and left me awake at night hours and days after finishing a book and thinking about what I had just read. This story will make you think, it will make you re-evaluate what you go through day in and day out and the things that you take for granted each day.

The River is a story of forgiveness, family, and finding your purpose and where you belong. I don’t have the words to explain how great and eye-opening this book is and how much of a reminder it is that we cannot simply sit on the shore but we need to fully immerse ourselves into the River. Neale, as a first time author has scripted a marvelous story, I’ve read some negative reviews but this book isn’t simply about a story being written to be sold, it isn’t simply about the River it is about the life each of us are living every day and I believe this is a must read book that everyone needs to read.

I received this book complimentary from Thomas Nelson through the Booksneeze program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, that being said, you should really read this book.


To learn more about The River check out http://www.theriverexperience.com/

Inescapable By: Nancy Mehl

Inescapable By: Nancy Mehl

“When we find our destiny, it gives us confidence…but not in ourselves-it is in God, who puts us where we are supposed to be and gives us what we need to succeed.”

Lizzie Engel has run away from everything. From the home she once knew, the people she loved, and she has continued to run but now with the threat of a stalker that the police can’t do anything about and being framed for stealing money from her previous employer, to protect her daughter she finds herself running again. Although this time, it is to the one place she never expected to run back to. Back to her Mennonite roots, to her childhood home. Kingdom, Kansas is more than off the beaten path and you wouldn’t be able to find it unless you knew it was there. Now with the threat to her and her daughter Lizzie heads back to a place she felt rejected her in the past as well as a strict father and a town that did not support her.

Lizzie has come face to face with her past and realized that maybe she got it wrong, that maybe the town was not all against her and that things were changing in Kingdom, she has a place to live and a job she has realized she loves but the threats have started showing up again and whoever was after her has found her in Kingdom.

Nancy Mehl will have you glued to the pages from beginning to end. You will find yourself relating to Lizzie’s character and how we all make the mistake of jumping to conclusions and only seeing the worst in each situation. I’ve never read any Amish  or Mennonite fiction in the past but with Mehl’s writing I am sure to add more to my reading list.

I received this book complimentary from Bethany House Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Not This Time By: Vicki Hinze

Not This Time By: Vicki Hinze

There has been an attack in Seagrove Village and everyone fears that NINA, a terrorist organization, is behind it again. Sara’s husband is missing and possibly linked to the attack. Beth isn’t sure that Sara is going to be able to get through this, but she knows that Sara knows something, she is hiding something from Beth and it may be the reason behind all of the attacks and her missing husband.

Not This Time is the next book in the Crossroads Crisis Center Novels from Vicki Hinze, although the book has a slow start and confusing at times with so many characters and story lines to keep straight the story does pick up once you really get into it. Hinze has created a story that will keep you guessing, thinking you have solved what has been happening only to turn the next page and second guess what you originally thought. Before reading this I did not realize it was the 3rd book in a set and really look forward to reading the previous two for more background information on the characters and stories.

Hinze has created a great mystery that will keep you guessing from beginning to end.

I received this book complimentary from Waterbrook Multnomah through the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Conquer Your Fears and “Live to Give” Webcast with @AustinGutwein

Thomas Nelson Author and Hoops of Hope founder, Austin Gutwein, to host September 6 online event to focusing on themes his latest release, Live to Give.

On September 6 at 8 PM EDT, Austin Gutwein will be hosting a live Facebook web event to encourage participants to conquer their fears and use their talents to help others. The webcast will center on the themes Gutwein writes about in his latest release “Live to Give: Letting God Turn Your Talents into Miracles(Thomas Nelson/August, 2012). At the conclusion of the webcast, the winners of a month-long social media fueled “Get and Give” contest will be announced, including the winner of a Kindle Fire and $250 donated to the winner’s charity of choice.

Join Austin on the evening of Thursday, September 6th as he shares about his own experiences and encourages others to conquers their fears and “live to give”. Austin will also be taking audience questions and interacting with participants. PLUS – there will be several “Live to Give” giveaways – books, gift certificates and much more! RSVP today and tell your friends.

Based on the John 6 story of Jesus feeding the 5000, in “Live to Give” Gutwein challenges his readers that regardless of age and talent, God can use them to make a difference. Even though God could take care of everything Himself and doesn’t really need our help, He desperately WANTS us to help Him care for others. Gutwein walks young people through discovering and embracing their unique God-given strengths and abilities, then figuring out how to use those talents to help others. Sometimes doing that takes a leap of faith on our part, and often becoming fearless in the process.

More about Austin: At eighteen years old, Gutwein speaks with wisdom and has the experience to reinforce his message. When Austin was just nine years old, he watched a video that showed children in Africa who had lost their parents to AIDS. Gutwein realized these kids weren’t any different from him—except they were suffering. Feeling called to help, he took his love of basketball and decided to shoot free throws to raise money for orphans in Zambia. On World AIDS Day in 2004, he shot 2,057 free throws to represent the 2,057 kids who would be orphaned during his day at school. Through sponsorship from parents and friends, Gutwein raised over $3,000 that day to give hope to eight orphans in Zambia.

Over the past eight years, Gutwein’s efforts have created Hoops of Hope, the largest free throw marathon in the world. With an estimated 40,000 people in more than 25 countries participating, Hoops of Hope has raised more than $2.5 million to build schools, medical clinics, dormitories for orphanages, and the only computer lab in Zambia.

Enter to win a Kindle Fire and have $250 donated to your favorite charity.

Click for the banner for details and entry or visit http://litfusegroup.com/blogtours/13528976/livetogive.

Learn more about Austin and Hoops of Hope at www.AustinGutwein.com and www.HoopsOfHope.org.

Where has the summer gone?

Can anyone else believe that it is already September? The Summer is almost behind us and we are already seeing the changes of the season. Not necessarily in the weather (Oklahoma is still holding onto its 100 degree heat) but take a look around, pumpkin flavored everything is back, soon it will be time to put away our shorts and pull out our extra blankets, feel the chill in the air as Jack Frost prepares us for the next season.

I love the fall. It is hands down my favorite season, not so much in Oklahoma, it seems to be skipped completely but nothing beats a good North-Eastern Autumn, all the colors and the dropping of temperatures that remind us to grab our favorite hoodie to wrap up in. I love it. Although I am no longer in school, and the Fall no longer means the start of another year, it is the start of another season, a time to let of the Summer and prepare for what God has in store for us next. It’s a fresh step to refocus after a summer full of time off and breaks. Autumn brings with it a sense of freshness. It’s the point of the year where we start to over-commit ourselves, skip over the days to focus on holidays and being able to simply survive.

With this Autumn soon approaching us lets take the time to remember to praise God in each day, for the beautiful weather, our families and friends, the opportunities that each day will bring instead of skipping over the days waiting for the next football game or holiday. This year lets embrace the day-to-day, the time we have to spend with one another and set aside more time to devote to God and being in His presence. He has big plans for us this season! For each and every one of us! I don’t know what those plans are for you, I don’t know what those plans are for me, but with God in control His plans cannot be wrong!