Where has the summer gone?

Can anyone else believe that it is already September? The Summer is almost behind us and we are already seeing the changes of the season. Not necessarily in the weather (Oklahoma is still holding onto its 100 degree heat) but take a look around, pumpkin flavored everything is back, soon it will be time to put away our shorts and pull out our extra blankets, feel the chill in the air as Jack Frost prepares us for the next season.

I love the fall. It is hands down my favorite season, not so much in Oklahoma, it seems to be skipped completely but nothing beats a good North-Eastern Autumn, all the colors and the dropping of temperatures that remind us to grab our favorite hoodie to wrap up in. I love it. Although I am no longer in school, and the Fall no longer means the start of another year, it is the start of another season, a time to let of the Summer and prepare for what God has in store for us next. It’s a fresh step to refocus after a summer full of time off and breaks. Autumn brings with it a sense of freshness. It’s the point of the year where we start to over-commit ourselves, skip over the days to focus on holidays and being able to simply survive.

With this Autumn soon approaching us lets take the time to remember to praise God in each day, for the beautiful weather, our families and friends, the opportunities that each day will bring instead of skipping over the days waiting for the next football game or holiday. This year lets embrace the day-to-day, the time we have to spend with one another and set aside more time to devote to God and being in His presence. He has big plans for us this season! For each and every one of us! I don’t know what those plans are for you, I don’t know what those plans are for me, but with God in control His plans cannot be wrong!


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