You Don’t Know Me By Susan May Warren

Just in time for fall, Susan May Warren releases her latest novella You Don’t Know Me. So take the time to warm up a cup of cocoa, pull out your favorite blanket and settle in for an extended weekend on the couch to read Warrens’ latest.

Annalise Decker has a picture perfect life, a husband running for mayor, three kids, one a volleyball champ and one the lead in the school play. Her life appears perfect, but Annalise has a secret that could mean life or death, a secret she has never shared with her family. Everyone has secrets, big and small things that we don’t want others to find out, but Annalise’s secret may be too big of a secret, one that tears the perfect life she has built and her family apart. Is it possible that these secrets build up to be too much for one family to handle?

For Annalise she has found her place in the town of Deep Haven, a wife, mother, PTO member, you name it and Annalise is involved in some way. Than one day she runs into someone from her past, someone who should not be in Deep Haven, the very person that can destroy the life that she has built.

Susan May Warren brings us another story from our favorite town of Deep Haven, and once again does not disappoint us. Deep Haven is full of rich characters, a community you feel you are a part of as you read about the Decker’s.  This book will have you thinking and realizing how much keeping secrets can hurt the people you love.

You Don’t Know Me is a great story and a great addition to the Deep Haven books. A great weekend read!

I received this book complimentary through Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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