Grace By: Max Lucado

Grace, what is it? How much of it are we given? What does it mean to show grace in return? Grace is a topic we have all heard about, the definition is simple to understand but the truth of what grace really means is difficult to comprehend. Each and every one of us has been granted grace, we may never truly understand what that grace entails and what it means for each of us individually but our God is a gracious God and He has wrapped us with unmerited favor.

Max Lucado is a name that many Christians know, his books come highly recommended and the list of titles and subjects he writes about is extensive. His latest book Grace stands strong with the rest of his titles, tackling a subject that many of us act like we understand what it means.  Lucado has compiled from his own past as well as personal stories from others the stories of grace that enrich our lives and allow us to share a glimpse of what the grace of God truly is.

Lucado’s latest book about Grace is a must add to your bookshelf!


I received Grace complimentary through the  ChristianAudio Reviewers Program  in exchange for an honest reviews. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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