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It seems like many of us have grown up in a culture that tells us we should put ourselves first. We should strive to be in charge of our own future, to make first place on teams, to go after the promotion at work, to focus on me and what my needs are. Many of us have fallen into this trap of putting ourselves first, of never asking for help and relying on ourselves to get the job done, to provide for our families, to get to the next step in our lives, we lean on ourselves and see asking or seeking help as a sign of weakness.

Live Second tells you just the opposite. To go against the grain of what culture will accept as the norm, and look to someone else to provide, offer guidance, someone for you to lean on in time of trouble. Live Second will challenge you to step back and not put yourself, your family or your job first.  Live Second is a daily reminder to instead of putting things of this world and ourselves in first place, to change positions and place ourselves second and put Jesus first everyday.

Live Second is not your normal book or devotional, it is a daily reader that will challenge you to put Jesus first in every circumstance, but unlike other daily devotionals Live Second also uses social media to continue the discussion of what you learn each day and to share with others what being second means.

Live Second is broken down into different sessions with an over-arching theme and focus, each daily reading will provide you with Bible passages, questions to help you to dig deeper into the passage as well as questions to encourage you to implement what you learn into your everyday life.

Live Second is a book like no other that combines a daily devotional with social media to help you to grow in your walk with God and to teach you what it means to be second. This is an amazing book that will change who you are and how you respond to the world around you. Be prepared to see a change in your life and take the steps to becoming Second, I am Second, are you?


I received this book complimentary from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow! I really love your review of the book. You really captured the essence of the book in just a few words. In a short time, I have found this book to be a very helpful tool to assist me on my own journey of life. I also believe that we(The Launch Team) can help each other with keeping Jesus first and living second.

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