I Don’t Understand.

I don’t understand. This morning I have been following the news coming out of Connecticut about the school shooting. As of yet there is no official number, but reports are saying over a dozen people have been shot, many of them elementary school students.

I don’t have words to express how I feel about the situation, I don’t want to post a Bible verse in attempts to explain the situation. I don’t know what I can do except for to pray.

Pray for the families involved, those that instead of celebrating the holidays with their loved ones will be burying them.

Pray for the children that are part of the school community that will return to school without their best friends, that will try to understand what happened, that will struggle with surviving, that will struggle with losing classmates and teachers.

Pray for the individuals that are on the response teams. Those that experienced the scene first hand.

Pray for the families of the shooters and how this will affect them, and they pain they will go through.

Pray for the individuals that will help this community in the aftermath. The counsellors, the Red Cross, the teachers.

I don’t have the words, I don’t understand how someone can go to an elementary school to kill. I don’t understand how anyone can kill anyone. I don’t understand what this word is coming to. The hate, the violence, the negativity.

The one thing I do understand is that we need Jesus. We need His peace, His strength, His love. We need Jesus to redeem us, give us grace and mercy. We need to turn to Him to be in control of our lives and stop taking things into our own hands. We need to stop trying to solve problems by ourselves.

I don’t know what is happening in this country, in this world, that the news is full of negativity and devastation rather than stories of hope and encouragement.

Today join me in praying for Sandy Hook. For our country, our world.

Our world needs Jesus.

Praying and God Bless,


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