Broken Wings By Shannon Dittemore

Broken Wings By Shannon Dittemore

Broken Wings is the second book in the Angel Eyes Trilogy, picking up a short time after where Angel Eyes left off Dittemore does not disappoint in the second book of the trilogy.  After everything Elle has been through in the past she is starting to move on after Ali’s death, her and Jake are growing closer and Elle dreams of the day when there will be a ring on her finger. As Elle grows closer to Jake and Canaan; however, Elle’s dad seems to be getting more disagreeable and is drinking more than ever before.

Something is going on, something that is keeping Canaan away more than usual. The sabre have gathered and there are whispers of movement on both ends. One of the Sabre makes a move so that Elle may learn the truth and learns something that has been kept from her about her mothers past, between that, her fathers drinking and the fear she sees and Jake that she does not understand things are getting tough. The halo used to keep the nightmares away but now Elle can hardly sleep through the night, Elle is beginning to see the celestial without the halo and she thinks she may have seen Damien in town and now with the halo having gone missing there is no telling what may happen. Jake and Elle have been targeted by evil and a battle is coming, what will happen if darkness is able to get what they are after? Will good be able to conquer evil, or will evil win and take Elle and Jake with it?

Dittemore has once again pulled you into the pages of the story with characters you will love. She has a way of writing where the words come off the pages and will have you laughing, crying and on the edge of your seat through the entire book. Dittemore’s descriptions of what the celestial and what worship look like will have you dreaming of heaven . You will not want to put this book down, the only problem is you will have to wait for the next book to be released!


Broken Wings Releases February 19th! It’s not to late to add it to your Christmas list!

Pre-Order Broken Wings Today!

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