Right Where I Belong By Krista McGee

Right where I belong By Krista McGee

As 17-year-old Natalia watches her fathers third marriage come to and end she isn’t sure where to go. With her new-found faith, Natalia is worried that once her soon to be ex-step-mother leaves she won’t have someone to discuss her faith with.

Instead of watching her father go through another divorce, and most likely another marriage, Natalia decides to swear off love and follow her ex-step-mother from Spain where she has lived all her life to Florida, where she will finish high school, what she doesn’t expect to find there is the chance to go to a christian high school, learn that the path her father has in mind for her is not the one that God has in store, and although she has sworn off love, she does not expect to meet Brian, the local pastor’s son.

Krista McGee is an amazing young adult/teen-lit author, her stories are clean and wholesome and in the end you may just learn something about yourself. Right Where I Belong is a reminder of God’s plans for each of us, and although others may have certain expectations for our lives that we may not want to follow but are unsure which path to take God will not fail us. When the time is right He will show us the way, and we will end up right where we belong.


I received this book complimentary through the BookSneeze program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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