Learning to afford my book addiction through Swagbucks

When I first moved to Oklahoma I had just finished two years in AmeriCorps (living on a stipend for two years really diminishes your ability to pay for books) and once I started a job rebuilding a savings was more important than books.

So like any book-addict I found a way to feed my addiction, the first one, which you may have noticed was blogging and reviewing about books for publishers.

However, this post is about the second one, Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a completely legit site (I’ve been on it for almost a year) that allows you to earn points for searching the internet, taking surveys, playing games, shopping and watching videos. These points can be exchanged for prizes such as headphones, movies, toys, electronics, and most importantly to me gift cards. Amazon giftcards. It only takes 450 points to receive a $5.00 Amazon giftcard, sounds like a lot but points build up fast. I’ve been able to earn 25.00 a month in Amazon Giftcards which than feeds my book addiction.

They also have paypal cards which I have recently started earning on top of the Amazon cards, and as of next month my paypal cards will have paid for me to swim with dolphins on vacation! I cannot wait!

Join Today and start saving!


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