Bogged down by books

I never thought I would say. Never believed I would get to the point where I thought that maybe I was reading to much. Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of Devotionals and Bible Studies to review, books about trusting God, facing fears, discovering your purpose, closer looks at women of the Bible, a guide to reading the Bible, a book on prayer. I surround myself with these books hoping that they will bring me closer to God, thinking that they will help me to understand more, to comprehend what I am reading more.

The other night as I was reading I realized that these books aren’t the answer. I often times turn to books when I am confused or want to know more about a subject, but the thing is I’ve been turning to the wrong books. Instead of seeking answers from other authors I need to take that time to turn my Bible for the answers.

Growing up I was always told that during lent I was supposed to give something up, I had never understood this as a child, and since we have just begun the season of Lent, the days prior I saw numerous people making statements of giving up social media, of turning off facebook for the time being. I haven’t given up anything for a few years now, but this year I am giving up books. That is that until the end of Lent, when I want to read I will be turning to my Bible rather than some other source.

Now as a disclaimer to saying that, you will still be seeing book reviews, and I will follow through on the books that I have committed to reading for reviews, or for a small group, but beyond those books I will not be adding anything new to my pile until after Lent. So instead of picking up the latest fiction novel I will be picking up my Bible more and using the Bible as my guide for the answers I am seeking.


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