Firefly Island By: Lisa Wingate | Enter to win an iPad Mini and RSVP for Facebook Party!

Mallory Hale and Webster have had a whirlwind romance, after a month of dating, Mallory finds herself married, and all of a sudden mother to Daniel’s son Nick. With a new job in site Daniel moves his family to a small Texas town to work for the well-known Jack West. Mallory has heard about Jack West, and her first impressions are not good ones, hearing stories of how his wife and step-son disappeared years ago has put her on edge, and with Jack’s rules and keeping Daniel busy at all hours Mallory feels like she is in over her head.

Something is happening on Firefly Island. At night there are lights moving around the mysterious little island in Texas, but there is only one problem. No one is allowed on Firefly Island. Jack West has forbidden it, and closed off the entrance.

Lisa Wingate has crafted a rollercoaster of a story keeping you guessing with each turn of the page. She creates characters that allows you to get into their minds, and as soon as you think you have figured out the mystery she throws you for another loop and has you doubting your initial guesses.

I enjoyed all the various characters in this book and quickly found myself engulfed in the story, Wingate has a gift of creating characters that you want to get to know, the town of Moses Lake has such interesting characters that you cannot get enough of. The only downside of Firefly Island is that the ending happened and was resolved so quickly, I wish it had been drawn out more. That aside Firefly Island was a great book that needs added to your reading list!

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I received this book complimentary through Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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