Firsthand By Ryan and Josh Shook

Firsthand By Ryan and Josh Shook

Your parents raised you in a Christian family, they have shown you what a truly authentic and genuine relationship with God is. You follow their example, attend church, volunteer on the weekends, but something is missing. You can’t quite figure it out, but you know that something is missing.

Many of us live with a hand-me-down faith, we live the faith our parents have passed down to us, the faith that we have learned from each other, we know how we are supposed to act, how to look the part but have not taken the steps to make our faith our own. We rely on the faith we were taught, going through the motions on Sunday and acting like everyone else on Monday.

In Firsthand Ryan and Josh Shook are tackling this issue, our twenties are some of the toughest years we face, leaving home, discovering who we are and during those times we begin to question the faith we grew up with. In Firsthand each chapter will provide you with first-hand accounts of people who have asked the same questions, as well as questions that promote discussion and reflection and will challenge you as well as some challenges to help you take the first steps of defining your faith and making it your own.

Firsthand is a great book to help you stop going through the motions and following tradition to help you define and build a personal relationship with God.


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