Lovelier than Daylight By: Rosslyn Elliott

Lovelier Than Daylight: The Saddler’s Legacy By: Rosslyn Elliott

The story of the Hanby’s continues in the third book from Rosslyn Elliott in the Saddler’s Legacy trilogy. Susannah Hanby looks up to her Aunt and Uncle and all that they have accomplished in their lives. She hopes to one day to be able to respond to every situation with love, but on her way to attend Otterbein college she finds her sister, Rachel, missing as well as all 5 of her nieces and nephews have been sent to the orphanage, she blames alcohol and what it has done to Rachel’s husband and family and worries that he has done something to hurt her sister. As Susannah attempts to get the children back she also finds herself alongside the town battling an incoming saloon that is sure to put the town in danger.

Than Susannah meets Johann, he has offered his help in finding out information and getting the children back. However, his family owns a brewery and Susannah is torn between what she believes is right and the chance to reunite her family and save the town.

Rosslyn Elliott concludes The Saddler’s Legacy with a captivating story of love between people from two different worlds and two different belief systems concerning alcohol. Although both believe in God they find themselves working to understand the others point of view. Elliott has created amazing characters and started a conversation about how being set in our ways and being unopen to the opinions of others and where it can lead. Elliott is an author to add to your must read list!


I received this book complimentary from Thomas Nelson Publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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