Take A Chance on Me By @SusanMayWarren

Fire consumes, it starts off with a spark, a flicker of life and grows to be uncontrollable, destroying everything in it’s path leaving behind smoldering ash, much like fire angry grows the same way if we do not take control of it from the start it will consume us and take us in a direction we were not prepared for.

Susan May Warren’s latest book Take a Chance on Me is a story of family and forgiveness, of anger and loneliness,a story of belonging and of hope when all seems lost.

The Christiansen family has been through a lot, especially Darek who lost his wife at an early age, he has become the towns most in-eligible bachelor, left with a son to raise by himself and anger towards the best friend that killed his wife. Darek also has secrets of his own, secrets that continue to fuel his anger and hurt at the things he has lost and he believes that he cannot move on.

Ivy Madison is new to Deep Haven, she’s always wanted to find somewhere that she fit in, what she didn’t expect was to be bidding for Darek Christiansen and as their relationship grows she realizes she has a secret that could devastate him and she needs to tell him soon.

With a fire on its way to Deep Haven, the town must put old hurts and anger aside to work together, will they be able to survive the fire and allow the healing process to begin and give each other a second chance?

Warren has once again captivated our attention and brought us back to our favorite town, with some new characters and a few old friends you will not want to put this book down.


I received this book complimentary in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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