Made to Last By: Melissa Tagg

Made to Last   -              By: Melissa Tagg

If any of you know me, you know that I have a love for Building with Habitat for Humanity, so finding a story where the lead character is a girl that loves to build things and has her own tool belt (In my mind hers is pink just like mine). Miranda Woodruff is your average tomboy, prefers flannel shirts over silk dresses, a tool belt over a manicure set and work boots instead of heels, along with that she has her own home building show and the public wants to know the story behind Miranda ‘Randi” Woodruff. However, Miranda has some secrets, some that could ruin her public image, a marriage that doesn’t exist, a past with pain she hopes to avoid. With the network considering cancelling her show her managers decide to hire a fake husband to boost publicity.

Matthew Knox is always on the hunt for the latest scoop, but with a mistake made five years ago he is still fighting to make a comeback in the national news, with the chance to do a serial blog and follow Randi Woodruff around that could lead to a cover story and the comeback he needs Matthew takes the job and moves to a cabin on Randi’s property. Him and Randi hit it off well, but he knows she isn’t telling him something, and that there is a big secret she is hiding. As Matthew unearths more and more of Randi’s life he finds his heart getting in the way, will he be able to spill her secrets?

Made to Last is the perfect autumn read to curl up with, a cast of characters that will have you laughing and crying throughout their story.  Melissa Tagg has woven a beautiful story about forgiving the past and fighting the labels that you have attached to yourself, to get past what the world has tagged you as and to live in the promise of God and what He has created you to be. Melissa Tagg has created a beautiful debut novel and I cannot wait to see what else is yet to come.


I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Overextended and loving most of it By: Lisa Harper

Overextended…and loving most of it! By: Lisa Harper

We’ve all been there, the days where we feel so wrung out but still have more to get done. The days where the bad feels like it outweighs the good. We understand that life is busy and some things in life come hurtling at us and we have no control and no way to prepare for the outcome. Lisa Harper’s latest book, Overextended is just about those days. However, this book is not another how-to book on how to handle what life throws at you or another story of someone who has it all together.

In Overextended Lisa Harper has taken a huge step in being transparent in the trials she has faced during one of the most trying times she has gone through, Lisa takes you through her journey of adoption, sick family members and surviving and finding the joy in the little moments when we feel ready to jump. Lisa reminds us that God isn’t expecting us to show up looking perfect but instead

“I think this is what we’re supposed to look like when we stand before Jesus. I don’t think we’re supposed to show up in glory with time to spare, a fresh manicure, and perfect hair. I think if we’re really living the gospel, we’re going to fall at His feet exhausted and messy, with mismatched socks, just plumb worn out from loving people as hard as we can!”

I really enjoyed this book and the transparency that Lisa was willing to share with us, especially when we see her, or other speakers and authors in person and sometimes feel like these people have it all together and that everything seems to go there way, through Lisa’s story we see and understand that she has struggled with the same things we do, from failed adoptions to losing loved ones, that even though life gets overwhelming we can still learn to enjoy most of it!


I received this book complimentary through the Booksneeze program in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

DIY: Bridesmaid Edition

If you are anything like me and hanging out in your later twenties you probably have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses. For the last two years I have stared at a few bridesmaid dresses, unable to part with them because of the cost that also came with them. One of the dresses I had a plan for to make it something I can wear over and over again. And the moment happened last week! I was able to rewear a bridesmaid dress to see Wicked! So here is the before and after picture!


before and after

Now to figure out what to do with the next one! It’s a little more difficult since it has about four layers and no matter what has that bridesmaid dress sheen. I’m considering turning it into a Christmas tree skirt.