King’s Faith

Brendan King has been kicked around foster care for a large part of his life, searching for somewhere to belong he found himself at home with a gang in the city and ends up on a downward spiral that lands him in prison. As he serves his time, thanks to a Bible study group, Brendan has found a new relationship with Christ. As Brendan moves in with a foster family and starts back at high school, he finds his past coming back for him as former gang members want to find out where he and a friend hid a stash years ago. With his life spinning out of control will Brendan being able to lean on his new found belief or will he slip back into his old ways?

As a fan of faith based movies I really enjoyed this movie, Faith-based movies are always hit or miss where they can come off as very cheesy and over stereotypical or just appear to have little no budget, thankfully King’s Faith presents a strong script with believable characters and does not play on stereotypes to hold up its script. This is a great movie, with numerous points of discussion and how someone can change and grow.

This is a great movie for the family, I would recommend against younger kids watching it do to gang violence and some images are a little graphic, otherwise it is a great family movie to own!

I received this movie complimentary from flyby promotions in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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